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(D&B 1) Demons & Battleskirts, Volume 1 – eBook

(D&B 1) Demons & Battleskirts, Volume 1 – eBook

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Enter a new universe filled with reincarnated superheroes, inter dimensional demons and immortal enemies, from the acclaimed author of The Echo.

Byrne Davin has lived many lives, from noblewoman to pioneer to slave, all of them filled with blood and death, all ending in pain and betrayal. This life, she would like to live in peace, or if not peace then to at least finish high school, maybe even meet a cute guy, go on a date, kick demon arse and be home in time to do her homework.

But you don’t always get what you want, especially not with an ancient battle-crazed warrior sharing your soul, or fragmented dreams of an unseen enemy that threatens not just Byrne’s existence, but that of her reincarnated sisters.

Sisters who doubt Byrne’s every word and hold terrible secrets of their own.

A darkness is coming, a bitter cold rising from the depths of the universe on the ravening howl of the demon horde to crush all life. The only thing standing between it and victory are Byrne, her sisters and the lies tearing them apart.

Get ready for a new thrill ride as Crawford masterfully weaves another action-packed tale of secrets and suspense, where your friends are your enemies and your enemies are your friends.

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