Of Crows & Beasts: An original short story of science and magic

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In this tense, imaginative blend of science fiction and magic, Belinda Crawford expertly weaves a tale of intrigue that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In a world where magic and technology rule side-by-side, where demons clash with guns, Belgin Féme should have been just another desperate, haggard face in a long line of refugees. But she’s not, because Belgin Féme is not who she appears, a low-powdered mage with no prospects running from the war tearing her country apart. 

The power to destroy worlds lurks under her skin, and if discovered, it will be her death.

Hendrix & Faust Publishers

Science fiction & fantasy with bite.

Science fiction for readers who like their fiction action-packed, with diverse characters, butt-kicking heroines and complex worlds.