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(The Hero Rebellion 3) Regan – eBook

(The Hero Rebellion 3) Regan – eBook

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“I laughed, I cried… and I was on the edge of my seat more than once. 
I guess you could say I enjoyed it.”
— Tracy M Joyce, author of The Chronicles of Altaica

There’s no turning back.

Hero Regan is a fugitive, running from family and foes alike. She’s on a mission to save Fink’s life, and no one, not a former best friend, an AI, or Fink himself is going to stand in her way.

But life on Jørn’s surface isn’t what she thought. The planet has secrets, secrets older than the human cities built atop them, and they have sharp teeth, bloodied claws and a mission of their own.

After a year on the run, Hero just wants to go home, but home has changed and after all the plans put in motion around her are done, it may not be there at all.

Hero Regan never wanted to be special, but when the chaos ends, the world will remember her name.

Regan is the final book in an action-packed YA sci-fi series perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, featuring genetically engineered companions, illegal street races and a butt-kicking heroine who won’t take no for an answer.

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