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Short Bits, Volume 2 – Audio Commentary

Short Bits, Volume 2 – Audio Commentary

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Join the Belinda as she takes you on a journey behind the scenes of Short Bits, Volume 2.

In this audio commentary, Belinda shares her thoughts about each of the stories in the collection, including writing and worldbuilding secrets, as well as spoilers.

Short Bits is an eclectic mix of messy literary explosions, from fantasy to LitRPG and science fiction, each one exploring a new world. They're written for the fun of it and published here because otherwise they'll sit in a drawer, and where's the fun in that?

Short Bits Volume 2 includes five original stories, including ‘Woman In White’, an ethereal xianxia tale about a mysterious, dangerous woman found in the snow. In ‘This Is Darkness’, two superheroes go head-to-head in a titanic battle between light and dark, while ‘Don’t Die’ and ‘Spirit in the Sky’ take you into the world of virtual gaming where death is just the beginning. The collections ends with The Echo short story, 'Brother’, a no-holds-barred space opera that will leave you wondering who the real monsters are.

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