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(I Am Maggie 1) Don't Die

(I Am Maggie 1) Don't Die

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In this tense, no-holds-barred fantasy game adventure, Belinda Crawford expertly weaves an action-packed tale where death is just the beginning. 

The future is cybernetic, and half of humanity is jacked into the game, a massive virtual world where anything is possible. Unfortunately, of the fifty percent of humanity not jacked in, there's one holding a gun to Maggie's girlfriend's head demanding she do the impossible.

With her girlfriend's life on the line, Maggie has no choice but to enter the game, become the mythical Valkyrie and seek the ultimate prize, risking her own sanity in the process.

In this first instalment in a new series of short stories from the author of The Echo, get ready to enter a world where jet packs clash with swords, myths battle mages and the rules no longer apply.

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