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Short Bits, Volume 3 (eBook)

Short Bits, Volume 3 (eBook)

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Five original science fiction & fantasy stories.

Short Bits is an eclectic mix of short stories, from high fantasy to space opera and back again, each one exploring a new world. They're written for the fun of it and published here because otherwise they'll sit in a drawer, and where's the fun in that?

Short Bits Volume 3 includes five original stories, including ‘Maelstrom’, a short action-packed tale of revenge inspired by the Chinese fantasy genre, while ‘Scholar’ takes you back into the world of virtual gaming where brains are more important than brawn. In ‘The Wind’, you’re transported  to a bloody battlefield and a warrior’s moment of defiance, while ‘Crash’ takes in you the other direction to when a pilot gives in to her demons. The collection ends with ‘SEED’, a short story set in the distant future, where one girl’s desire to win leads her into new and dangerous territory.

Every story is introduced by the author, taking you behind-the-scenes and providing insight into the inspiration and writing process behind each one.

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